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Blockchain Law

Legal Entity Formation

It is critical that you operate with a legal entity to protect your and your team’s (respective) personal wealth and assets.  We would help you to identify your top priorities (i.e. speed, taxes, geographical convenience, etc.) which, in turn, would assist us in determining the most optimal jurisdiction and entity type for your project.

Anytime there are multiple partners in a NFT venture, we also strongly recommend a partnership agreement (in the form of an operating agreement). This will help you and your team establish ownership interests, voting structure, initial contributions, member exit and succession measures, and generally make the relationship amongst the core stakeholders as predictable as possible as you move forward and grow.


Terms of Use and Service

In addition to establishing the rules by which third-parties may utilize your website, the Term of Service for the website will help insulate you from liability for third-party bad actors (hackers, malware, etc.).


Having an airtight Terms of Service will also help ensure that you comply with specific state, federal, and even international laws that might impact who can use your site and the liability (or lack thereof) flowing from that usage.


This will also include Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other necessary disclaimers to protect your end-user from liability. ​


Contract Drafting

Our expert team of attorneys can help you draft the contracts that you need for your NFT project in order to protect yourself from potential liabilities, such as:

  • Work For Hire Agreements;

  • Work For Service Agreements;

  • Moderator Agreements;

  • Influencer Agreements; and

  • Other Forms of Agreements

We can generate comprehensive contracts for use with your various subcontractors to ensure your acquisition of ownership rights over the IP, which in turn, can provide you with maximum creative, marketing, and financial flexibility. 



We understand that it is extremely important to protect your Intellectual Property.


As your legal team we will assist you in acquiring the necessary trademark protection for your NFT Project.​


IP Agreements

A well written Intellectual Property agreement will let your NFT holders know exactly what they own. The agreement will also delineate between the IP associated with the NFT art and the IP retained by your company such as trademarks, logos, company artwork, etc. We would discuss the pros/cons to various ownership/licensing schemes and can draft this as broadly or tightly as you would prefer. 



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